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Kerala has always been one of the most sought after destinations in India, not only by Indians but by tourists all around the world, because of its natural beauty. Kerala is known to be God’s own country, that’s why it also called as such. The beaches are something which draws a lot of tourist from different places and thanks to Overlando Destinations now you can enjoy your next holidays without having to worry about the tickets and accommodation because they have all that you need under one roof!

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When planning a trip, a good idea is to set up your itinerary according to where you want to go and in which order. Knowing that you want to see a few museums before heading down to Big Sur might help give some structure as you work through your plans. To make sure that you have time for everything on your itinerary, try mapping out when you’ll be traveling during busy times of day and what forms of transportation will be needed (and possibly avoided). Remember: You can always take an afternoon detour, but being late because you spent too long wandering around Soho isn’t so fun.

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